Protection Devices
Ceramic gas discharge tube

Ceramic gas discharge tube

A ceramic gas discharge tube is a special metal-ceramic structured gas discharge component filled with an appropriate inert gas medium in the discharge gap, equipped with highly active electron-emitting materials and a discharge ignition mechanism, and sealed with precious metal solder at high temperatures. It can be used for transient overvoltage surge protection and ignition. Its high impedance, low interelectrode capacitance, and high impulse current are not available in other discharge tubes. When instantaneous overvoltage occurs, the discharge tube is broken down, and the impedance drops rapidly, almost in a short-circuit state. The discharge tube discharges the large current through the line grounding or loop and also limits the voltage to the low potential, thus protecting the line and equipment. When the overvoltage surge disappears, the voltage quickly recovers to the high resistance state of ≥ 109V to ensure the normal operation of the line.

• Switch-type component with a microsecond response speed
• Current capacity varying from 2 kA to 20 kA
• Voltage ranging from 90V to 3.6 kV
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