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Bi-directional thyristor

Bi-directional thyristor

The working principle of a bidirectional thyristor is the same as that of a common unidirectional thyristor. Because a bidirectional thyristor has symmetrical volt-ampere characteristics in the 1st and 3rd quadrants, and both positive and negative trigger pulse signals at the gate can trigger conduction, there are four trigger modes. The selection current value of a bidirectional thyristor is 2–3 times the actual working current value.

In circuit applications, a bidirectional thyristor controls large AC currents with small currents in a contactless way and has the advantages of no spark, fast action, long service life, high reliability, simplified circuit structure, and low cost. Bidirectional thyristors are widely used in various electronic circuits such as speed regulation, dimming, voltage regulatio

Specifications and packaging of our products:
VDRM / VRRM: 600V ~ 1.6kV
IT(RMS): 40A ~ 100A
Packages: RD-91,TG-C, SOT-227
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