Power IC
Smart Power Switches

Smart Power Switches

Named as iPwrSw (or IoTFET) at JJ Microelectronics, the device is a solid-state switch which either break up or connect the electrical circuit between the power source(s) and the respective load(s). During the operation, the device shall adjust the output current in accordance to the changing load condition while any hazard encountered are reported and dealt with per the pre-requisite set in advance. Ultimately, iPwrSw ensures the safe and reliable operation of the system in spite of the hazards occurred in the power source(s) upstream and the load downstream. Besides the key electrical parameters like quiescent current and leakage current, RDS(ON) value of the power MOSFET embedded indicates the power efficiency of the device. iPwrSw is instrumental in various consumer electronics, computing systems, commercial & industrial equipment as well as automotive, communications & networking, new energy applications.
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