Conflict minerals refer to tantalum and niobium (coltan,cassiterite,wolframite,and gold)or their derivatives from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries,including tantalum,tin,gold,tungsten,and cobalt.Some metal minerals have become the main financial resources of armed rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,Africa,which are used to trade arms,prolong the bloody conflict between them and the government,and ravage local civilians,thus causing intemational disputes.Some minerals or derivatives can enter the supply chain of products used all over the world in a certain way.

Jiangsu JieJie Microelectronics Co..Ltd.,as a member of the world,has always adhered to corporate social responsibility as its goal,implemented ethical procurement,and promoted sustainable development of the industrial chain.The company attaches great importance to the problem of conflict minerals and takes corresponding actions.Conflicting minerals have attracted wide attention in electronics and other industries.The problem is extremely complex and requires the commitment and cooperation of enterprises,govemments,and non- govemmental organizations to solve it.

The company promises to take responsibility and respect human rights in its operation and supply chain.The company shall not purchase or prohibit related enterprises and partners from using any 3TG minerals.All suppliers are required not to purchase any conflict minerals.

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