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Solid-state relay

Solid-state relay

An SSR (solid-state relay) uses semiconductor thyristor components instead of traditional electrical contacts as switching components. It can directly drive a heavy current load with a tiny control signal and has the advantages of relay switching characteristics with no contact, no noise, no spark, no electromagnetic interference, fast switching speed, reliable operation, and long service life.
A single-phase solid-state relay is a four-terminal active component, with two input terminals controlling the two output ones. The input and output terminals are optically isolated. When a DC or pulse signal is applied to the input terminal and a certain current value is reached, the output terminal can change from off-state to on-state.
The solid-state M0 specification of plastic packaging circuit board independently developed by JieJie Microelectronics allows 5A current to flow for a long time without a radiator.
The jointly developed intelligent solid-state relay 15–300A series is suitable for various heating loads with the advantages of a built-in temperature sensor, over-temperature protection, an ultra-small size, double LED display, an aluminum alloy shell for heat dissipation and energy saving, wide input voltage, soft start-up and delayed start-up, etc.
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