Protection Devices
Thyristor Surge Suppressor

Thyristor Surge Suppressor

A TSS (thyristor surge suppressor) is a two-terminal overvoltage protective component based on the principle and structure of a thyristor and is used to protect circuit equipment under dangerous transient conditions. Taking advantage of the latest development in thyristor technology, JieJie Microelectronics adopts ion implantation technology on solid-state discharge tubes. Under normal operation, a TSS connected in parallel with the protected equipment shows high off-state impedance and a small leakage current, exerting no influence on the protected circuit. When breakover voltage (VS) is applied at both ends of the TSS, the TSS will conduct quickly and present a short-circuit state, thus releasing an amplified current to protect other equipment. When the current flowing through the component is interrupted or falls below the holding current (IH) of the TSS, the TSS resets and returns to the high-blocking state.

• Switch-type component with a nanosecond response speed.
• Overvoltage energy varying from 1 kV to 15 kV.
• Voltage ranging from 8V to 880V, can be customized with different specifications to meet customers' needs
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