Automotive MOSFET

Automotive MOSFET

The LV/HV automotive-grade N/P-channel MOSFETs from Jiangsu JieJie Microelectronics (a.k.a. JJM) offer breakdown voltageVBR(DSS)_Min from -100V to 650V. The gate-source threshold voltage
VGS(th) is at either high-level (2.7 ~ 3.5V) or low-level (1.5 ~ 1.9V; -1.0 ~-3.0V). Source-Drain turn-ON resistance RDS(ON) is as low as 0.58m (@ VGS= 10V). FOM is low as 55. These MOSFETs were assembled in various miniscule or high-power packages such as the low-profile surface-mounted type (e.g. PDFN3x3-8L, PDFN5x6-8L/-D, PowerJE@10x12, etc.), and the thermally efficient through-hole type (e.g. TO-247-3L, etc.). All devices were tested for long-term reliability and quality in accordance to the relevant standards defined by AEC Council and JEDEC.
The LV/MV automotive-grade MOSFETs are widely applied in various pre-installed & after-market sub-systems in automobiles shipped worldwide. These systems and related applications include, but not exclusively, ADAS, infotainment systems, secondary-side (i.e. synchronous DC-DC rectification) of OBC (on-board charger), motor driving in BCM (body control module), electronic relay, load switch, etc.
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