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Thyristor module

Thyristor module

A thyristor module is also called an SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier). Since it came out in the 1950s, it has developed into a large series, including unidirectional thyristors, bidirectional thyristors, light-triggered thyristors, reverse-conducting thyristors, turn-off thyristors, and fast thyristors. Currently, thyristor modules produced by JieJie Microelectronics adopt the vacuum welding technology of a glass passivated chip and have a small size, light weight, simple structure, and powerful function. They are widely used in various electronic components, such as for controllable rectification, inversion, frequency conversion, voltage regulation, and contactless switches.

Specifications and packaging of our products:
VDRM / VRRM: 1.6kV ~ 3.0kV
IT(RMS): 55A ~ 250A
Packages: T1, T2, T3
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