We only have one earth.

To create a better,safer,more reliable,and more sustainable world through innovation,JJM,as a member of the world,has always adhered to corporate social responsibility as its goal.


We deploy projects to reduce the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions of all our businesses,including perfluorinated compounds,which have a long atmospheric lifetime and high global warming potential. We select,treat,and substitute according to the precautionary principle to minimize the chemicals and materials used in the manufacturing process. We continuously reduce our water footprint through reuse and recycling,and all our wastewater is processed before being discharged into the environment. We reduce,reuse,or recycle waste as much as possible,instead of burning or burying it.


We require our suppliers to implement the RBA(Responsible Business Alliance)standards and encourage ISO certification to address moral,social, environmental,health,and safety risks.

We declare that we will not use any conflict minerals.


We ensure the health and safety of our employees through the advanced management system and certification.

We implement our code of conduct and the RBA standards in all production sites to mitigate our moral,labor,and human rights risks,and conduct regular assessments and audits of all our production sites.


Through our sustainable technology project,we systematically consider the impact of the whole life cycle of equipment on the environment when designing products,including raw materials,transportation,manufacturing, use,and end-of-life.

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