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Transient Voltage Suppresso
Automotive Transient Voltage Suppressor

Automotive Transient Voltage Suppressor

TVS (transient voltage suppressor) is a surge absorption protective component based on the principle of diode avalanche breakdown and is connected in parallel in the circuit when used.
When both ends of the TVS tube are subjected to instantaneous high-energy impact, it can suddenly reduce its impedance at an extremely high speed (nanosecond level), absorb a large current at the same time, and clamp the voltage between its two ends at a certain value, thus ensuring that the following circuit elements are protected from the damage caused by transient high-energy impact. TVSs are widely used in digital products, the automotive industry, communication and intelligent control systems, etc. 。

• Clamp-type component with a nanosecond response speed.
• Transient power varying from 200W to 30 kW.
• Voltage ranging from 3.3V to 600V or higher, can be customized with different specifications to meet customers' needs
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