Low / Medium-voltage MOSFET
Low-voltage P-ch (-30V ~ -5V)

Low-voltage P-ch (-30V ~ -5V)

P-channel MOSFETs use holes as carriers and require negative voltage to exist between the gate and source terminals to conduct electricity. Therefore, it is the ‘natural’ high-side switch. Moreover, the simple gate driving reduces the overall BOM (bill of materials) cost.
Today, many end-systems like consumer electronics, industrial and motor control, communication are either battery operated or powered at low-level DC / AC voltage. As such, battery management, battery charging, reverse protection, load switching, DC-DC up/down converting, etc. are in high demand constantly. JJM offers the following low-voltage P-channel MOSFETs which were designed in either trench or SGT (shielded gate trench) technology platform to satisfy the needs of automotive system designers.
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