Power modules and components
Thyristor + diode module

Thyristor + diode module

A thyristor + diode module is also called a single-phase half-controlled bridge thyristor rectifier module. A thyristor chip and a freewheeling diode chip are packaged inside the product to form an internal circuit. When the power supply voltage drops to zero, the load current flows through the freewheeling diode, and the thyristor is turned off because the current is zero, so the module will not be out of control. The module is widely used in various electronic components, mostly for controllable rectification, voltage regulation, etc.

Specifications and packaging of our products:
VDRM / VRRM: 1.6kV ~ 2.0kV
IT(RMS): 110A ~ 200A
Packages: T1, T2
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