JieJie Mircoelectronics, one of the top 10 power devices companies in 2023 List of top 100 China IC design fabless companies
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Based on quantitative mathematical models, enterprise public information, manufacturer survey questionnaires, and first-hand interview data, the Aspencore analyst team, the world’s oldest technology boundary online and offline, carefully selected 100 companies with the strongest comprehensive strength and growth potential in the Chinese IC design industry. These 100 companies are divided into 10 categories, and each category is selected as the Top 10. Jiejie Microelectronics has been listed as the “Top 10 Power Device Company on the 2023 China IC Design Fabless 100 Rankings”!





Reason for selection

Jiejie Microelectronics is well-known among local power discrete device manufacturers for its competitiveness in the field of thyristors, and has become a leading enterprise in the field of local thyristor devices and chips. The technical level and performance indicators of the series of products have reached the level of similar products of international large semiconductor companies. The total market share of the top 10 domestic thyristor manufacturers is 93.8%, with Jiejie Microelectronics ranking first with a market share of 28.5%. Continuously striving for new business layout, utilizing technological, product, and industrial chain advantages, actively adjusting product structure, market structure, and customer structure, actively increasing production capacity and expanding product supply. Gradually entering high threshold and high growth markets such as new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, and energy storage, further expanding the company’s high-end market application scale and influence.


Fabless 100 Ranking Selection Criteria

The company’s headquarters are located in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong/Macao, but not including Taiwan enterprises preferentially selecting enterprises that have been listed or are in the process of listing applications: listed companies or companies that have publicly submitted prospectuses will obtain strategic investment from major national funds/industry giants according to the ranking index of comprehensive strength and growth potential, or chip products independently developed and designed by well-known VC investors have been mass produced, And it has entered the supply chain of mainstream OEM manufacturers with multiple invention technology patents, and has strong chip research and development and application design capabilities, leading the industry in the market field it focuses on

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