JieJie Microelectronics at the 2023 (Spring) Asia Charging Exhibition was a success
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On March 14-16, 2023, the 2023 Spring Asian Charging Exhibition was held at the Futian Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen. Over 200 well-known enterprises participated and showcased their latest products and solutions, with over 20000 registrations. More than 50 celebrities gave speeches on stage, and over 1000 latest charging solutions were released on-site. Becoming the first large-scale charging exhibition of this year, attracting high attention from the industry. In recent years, the Asia Charging Expo has attracted thousands of companies from around the world to participate, covering fields such as fast charging, wireless charging, energy storage, and new energy, especially in promoting the application and popularization of fast charging and wireless charging technologies.





This time, Jiejie Microelectronics has made an exciting debut with many new MOSFETs, TVS, protective devices, and more. The products are widely used in fields such as mobile fast charging, BMS, new energy, motor control, adapter fast charging, photovoltaic inverter, charging pile, mobile fast charging, consumer electronics, communication power supply, etc.





More than 100 car grade MOSFETs with breakdown voltage range VBR (DSS)_ Min ranges from -100V to 650V, with a conduction internal resistance as low as 0.56m Ω (@ VGS=10V) and a FOM as low as 55. These power MOSFETs offer a variety of car grade small and high-power packaging options, with thin and low thermal resistance chip designs such as PDFN3x3-8L, PDFN5x6-8L/- D, and PowerJE ® seven × 8. PowerJE ® ten × 12. High thermal efficiency plug-in models such as TO-247-3L, TO-252-3L, and TO-263-3L/7L. All products comply with relevant testing standards such as AEC Council and JEDEC in terms of reliability and quality.





JSFET ® The JMSH1001ATL (VDSMax=100V) series adopts advanced PowerJE ® ten × 12 encapsulation. RDS (ON) of the device at VGS=10V_ The measured values of Typ and FOM are 1.3m Ω/202, respectively, with electrical characteristics reaching the leading level in China. Extremely low conduction resistance helps to improve operational efficiency, reduce system costs, and extend the lifespan of devices. This device has won the “2022 China IC Design Achievement Award for Best Power Device of the Year” and is currently widely used in terminals such as electric tools, light electric vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage inverters, 5G communication, and PoE++.





Speech on-site
During the exhibition, Mr. Yu Weizhao, Vice President of Jiejie Microelectronics Business Development, was invited to attend the Global Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Summit and deliver a speech under the theme of “One Universal Interface, What’s Next. This article introduces the recent layout of Jiejie Microelectronics in the field of fast charging, and how to provide more portable and safe electricity for consumer electronics. Furthermore, it is pointed out that the chargers of mobile 3C terminals are becoming shorter and smaller, and the limited inner shell space increases the operating temperature, resulting in extremely strict requirements for the stability and efficiency of the devices used inside the chargers. The JSFET and JHFET independently developed by Jiejie Microelectronics can easily solve the conflict between reasonable cost and high power conversion efficiency faced by circuit design engineers.





Jiejie Microelectronics relies on its years of product and technology accumulation to actively promote breakthroughs in applications in automobiles, industrial control, and new energy. It continues to increase research and development investment, maintains its leading advantage in the industry through continuous technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and continuously introduces new technologies and products that meet market demands. Committed to becoming the world’s leading power semiconductor device integration manufacturer and assisting in the new development of the integrated circuit industry.


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